Realtime Compositing Solution & Video Creation Experience for Action-Shooter „Mafia III“

At gamescom 2016, PRG Lab realized the entire technical planning and implementation of a realtime compositing and video creation application for 2K’s new version of the Action Shooter „Mafia III“ (release date October 7th, 2016). PRG Lab was responsible for the design of the user interface, the entire interactive user experience, the design and programming of the Web back- and front-end as well as the QR interface.

The idea was to take the visitor into the new Mafia III world and to give them a perceptible taste of the latest game in the franchise. Visitors were filmed on a treadmill in front of a greenscreen and through one of 6 possible tracking shots were added into the new world of the action shooter. Visitors were able to view the merged result on a monitor in real time during the recording. A seamless insertion into the scene was created through the interaction of the visitor with the content of the tracking shots. Additional props related to the theme of the game, such as uniforms, wigs or accessories, provided an entertaining experience and amusing images.

"We developed an intuitive user interface in Ventuz especially for this purpose, which showed the user a preview of his video after the recording, as well as to storing their e-mail address. Immediately after entering the address at the terminal, the user received an e-mail with a preview of their video and a link to a website that showed their video and also provided the opportunity to share their individual Mafia III clip through different social media channels", explained Daniel Hölscher, Head of PRG Lab. "In order for the created videos to be available immediately after the interactive Mafia III experience, they were processed parallel to the recording and loaded directly to a web server."

In addition, at the 2K booth a QR code was generated for each visitor via the Ventuz application. Through this QR code, the personalized Mafia III videos could also be accessed on a website developed for this purpose. The QR code and a preview image of the clip were also presented as a give-away in the form of a high-resolution print.

Daniel Hölscher, PRG Lab: "We were very popular among the visitors at this year's gamescom - a total of more than 1,500 video clips were recorded and sent over a period of 5 days. In addition, we are delighted to have helped 2K win the "Award for Best Booth" at gamescom."

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