PRG Lab creates interactive exhibit for agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO


Agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO Corp. tasked PRG Lab with the development of an interactive application for multiple international trade fair events. The objective was the user-friendly presentation of AGCO's Fuse® technology portfolio with a special focus on the advantages of the networked software portfolio and the optimisation of farming processes through smart farming.

In addition, the concept had to be self-explanatory as well as visually appealing to attract the attention of the visitors. At the same time, the application needed to generate customer leads for further marketing processes. 

Using this approach, PRG Lab developed a concept across 4 m² for a compact fit within the stand space, using multi-touch surfaces and eight cascaded HD-touch displays. Semi-transparent plexiglass modules illuminated by LEDs were arranged across the stand area to visually highlight the interactive application for the users. Upon activation, the illuminated plexiglass walls generated lighting patterns, the duration and colour of which changed according to the content and the time the user spent viewing it, thus creating an appropriate atmosphere for the application scenarios and the content on display. By engaging with the interactive part of the stand the users were able to immerse themselves in the technology portfolio of AGCO and, among other features, spin an interactive globe to inform themselves about AGCO's global research initiatives, partnerships and technology solutions for intelligent agriculture. In this way, visitors received targeted information about the brand segments and their associated products — both physically at the fair but also digitally inside the application.  At the same time, PRG Lab developed features for interactive lead acquisition and personalisation of the user experience. To this end, the brand preferences and interests of the users were tracked and made available to AGCO for evaluation. 

The key challenge in the design phase was the to develop an application which integrated the sales, marketing and communication goals of a globally active, high-tech customer in a single, holistic concept. As such, the application needed to integrate a unique selling point and the technologies of a highly specialised industry into corresponding stories, offer technical insights and, at the same time, be easy for the user to understand. There was also a real need for flexibility and efficiency, since the set design needed to be modular while also offering the maximum plug and play capabilities. 

Altogether, for this project PRG Lab realised the application development, screen design and implementation for two trade fair kits (1x North America, 1x Europe). This included the development of the prototype as well as the setup and supervision at the events where the application was used. Furthermore, PRG Lab developed an integrated concept for the communication and marketing approach,  user guidance for the bilingual user experience and the application concept. Content was created by PRG Lab in close cooperation with AGCO. The compact stand concept was successfully implemented for the first time in February 2019: once at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and then again two weeks later at SIMA in Paris, one of the biggest leading trade fairs for agricultural technology in Europe.


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