PRG Lab helps to illuminate Opel

At the Geneva Motor Show 2015, the world's most important automotive trade show, PRG Lab created a real highlight that delighted the visitors and illuminated Opel. This job was a real challenge: The technical design and complete realization of an interactive Lightcar exhibit, which was included into the booth concept through Ventuz software. The aim of the presentation was to present the new "OnStar" system from Opel - an interactive touch application.

At the request of their client, Bellprat Associates, PRG Lab manufactured the Opel Lightcar, which was made of 8,500 LEDs. The Lightcar was activated using a processing app for generative graphics. In addition, PRG Lab used processing modules they developed in order to control the LEDs in the windows of the Lightcar. Overall, the technicians used seven LED control units which could be synchronized independently via their own network. A built-in 20-inch touch screen controlled the LED Patterns. Visitors had had the opportunity to sit in the bright lit „Opel Lightcar“ and test various interactive applications. Users of this new system could try four different settings; for example navigation or vehicle diagnosis', which would be used in case of an accident or break-down. When a setting was chosen the LED content of the Lightcar could be changed or the content on the main LED wall of the Opel booth as well as on the rotating platform carrying the Lightcar. Opel was able to vividly present their new "OnStar" system and give visitors an insightful presentation because of their PRG colleagues.

The installation of the LED wall and the import of video content was also realized by the PRG Lab team with the support of Ventuz software. They were also responsible for the different animations on the main LED wall, as well as the audio system, which was used for communication between the visitor sitting in the car and the operator that was sitting in a room next door. For the LED content, in addition to the Ventuz software cluster with two x 2 Xi-Machines, as well as two Backups, PRG Lab supplied a Watchout media server system for the introductory press conference. A Dell notebook was used for the show control system, as well as a MacMini that was used to place the generated graphics in the Lightcar.

PRG Lab ensured that the 700,000 visitors of the 85th Geneva Motor Show got a special kind of technical presentation and Opel’s innovative ideas with the new "OnStar" system came to life for the visitors. The On Star system was presented through the Opel Lightcar and animations on the LED screens with the best possible technical and visual results.

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