A selfie with a 360 degree view – PRG Lab and the Time Freeze System make this possible

Smile, please! But not on one camera – no! PRG Lab has developed a system that is constructed of 75 digital SLR cameras. The system can shoot 75 high definition photos at the same time. People can, if they want, jump into the air in the middle of the Time Freeze-construction or just stand while the photo is shot. The trigger is regulated manually via a remote controller, which is operated by the customer. The result: A snapshot with a 360 degree view. In just five seconds the photo can be rendered as an animated video and the outcome is a Selfie clip.

PRG Lab developed software to synchronize the cameras. The development of the system was a real challenge, because the PRG technicians had to respect many technical and content characteristics. The post-processing of the shots had to be automated to create a video clip and to be able to show the clip immediately to the customer. To make that possible, PRG Lab created a modular system of optocouplers and a microcontroller, that starts the countdown and synchronously triggers all cameras. After that, the rendering-process starts. In addition, the system recognizes error indications and displays fault messages on the basis of autonomic fallbacks and error detection mechanisms.

For this purpose, PRG Lab designed and constructed a control unit which allows the customer to easily use the Time Freeze system. The final clips can be viewed right after on a preview monitor. A touch terminal is used to select and approve the various clips.

Afterwards the customer has various output options – the video can be played on a LED Wall or LC-Display or be sent and displayed via E-mail or Social Media. Thus this opens the opportunity to collect information about possible new customers and to promote the customer or product. In numbers, this means that in one hour approx. 60 clips can be generated. During a ten-hour event, such as a trade show, up to 600 guests have the chance to create and access a 360 ° Selfie clip through E-Mail. Guests have a lasting memory and via Social Media posts additional people, outside the event, can be reached since a lot of people use the opportunity to share the clips on their Social Media channels. The reach of the event is extended through the creation of content because of the Time Freeze system and at the event itself it creates a major attraction for the client’s brand.

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